Roseate Tern sponsorship – a big thank-you!

As many of you know, last year I decided to pursue a sponsored patch year-list to raise money for Roseate Terns – a beautiful, endangered, long-distance seabird which breeds on Coquet Island off the Northumbrian coast, under the watchful gaze of the RSPB who own and manage the island).



There’s a sliding scale of sponsorship, the top level of which is to sponsor a specially made Roseate Tern nestbox for five years – which includes its construction and maintenance, as well as helping towards the management, security and conservation of the colony.

My intention was to try and raise enough money, on behalf of FBOG, to sponsor two boxes, but thanks to the generosity of many good people locally (you know who you are!), we were able to sponsor three – which is a really fantastic result. Huge gratitude to everybody who coughed up – thanks to you, three pairs of these very special seabirds will be enjoying the very best summertime accommodation available when they return in a few week’s time.

The staff on the island will be providing us with regular updates regarding ‘our’ terns, and I’ll post all the latest news here on the website. Maybe they’ll pass the Brigg on their way either to or from their ┬ánew digs…..