FBOG’s Roseate Terns – end of season update

Here’s a late summer update from RSPB Coquet Island’s Mike Harris on FBOG’s Roseate Tern boxes (for the full story see here and here). Lots of success to celebrate, so thanks again to everyone who contributed via sponsorship!

Box 161
Two eggs were produced, one when checked on 28th May and the second on the 4th June. Both eggs hatched and two chicks were present on the 25th June. Unfortunately, the younger of the two did not survive more than a few days; we think this was down to the availability of food. The remaining chick did well, though, and was subsequently ringed with BTO ring ST14990 and Special Rosy ring 94CX.


Box 124
Really good views of this chick from camera 1 on the Rosy Cam – www.rspb.org.uk/coquetlive – and you can watch the early days of the chick on Youtube – www.youtube.com/user/RSPBCoquet

One egg by 28th May became one chick by the 18th June and this chick has prospered. It has grown really quickly, relatively speaking, suggesting that the parents were catching a lot of fish for it. The chick was ringed with BTO ring ST82619 and Special Rosy ring B947.

Box 8
By 25th June, one of the two eggs laid had hatched and was a healthy chick. The second egg failed to hatch and was either infertile or wasn’t incubated adequately. The chick has done well and was ringed with BTO ring ST14996 and Special Rosy ring B918.

This is the first year that chicks that fledged in 2014 (the first year of the sponsorship project) have returned to breed on the island; 7 came back which is just 20% of the 35 fledged sponsor chicks from 2014. None of the returning chicks was yours and we wouldn’t expect to see one until 2018 since they don’t breed until they are two years old and will remain in West Africa next summer.