FBOG’s breeding Roseate Terns – an update

From Mike Harris of RSPB Coquet Island:

On the island, the weather hasn’t been kind. High winds; rain, fog and mizzle have dominated, making the job of rearing tern chicks difficult. The Rosys are helped by their special boxes on the island, keeping the worst of the inclement weather out. The number of active nests has, however, just reached 100!

Your three boxes (this year at least since there has been an unusual amount of box swaps going on!), are numbers 8, 124 and 161.


Box 8
Is over on the central terrace and in one of the smart, new recycled boxes from Green Future Building. One egg was down on the 28th May and a second by the following box check on the 4th June. Both eggs were warm on subsequent box checks so incubation is going well. Expect to hear that chicks have hatched soon.

Box 124
This box is clearly visible from camera 1 on the live stream at www.rspb.org.uk/coquetlive just a box in! The pair were quite early starters for the season with eggs discovered on the 28th of May. Check out one of your chicks being fed here

Box 161
Located on the north terrace, this also one of the new recycled boxes. The pair arrived back from Africa fairly early and had one egg by the 28th May and a second by the 4th June, like your box 8. Despite the fact that all your boxes had eggs by the 28th May, this was quite early for this year with many pairs not starting laying until June.

The live link has proved popular – with puffins often trying to grab the limelight off the Rosys! Catch up with what’s going on now live here.