FILEY BIRD OBSERVATORY BIO-BLITZ  2018 – 24 hours bio-blitzing our patch, from 2000hrs on Tuesday 17th to 2000hrs on Wednesday 18th July!

After being asked by Chris and his team to take part in his national campaign to highlight the challenges to UK biodiversity, we’ve decided not only to bio-blitz our FBOG recording area for 24 hours this July, but to invite everyone along to join us! 

Our primary aim is to record as many species – from midges to mosses, Gannets to grasses, and spiders to seaweeds – as possible in our 24-hour window. Hence, we’ll be focused on finding and recording, but you’re welcome to join us as we do so, with various options for those who wish to (and the choice of ‘roving’ between our recorders and their habitats).

Note that because of scheduling variables and other commitments, we’re unable to confirm the time or length of Chris’s presence at the event 

NB all events are weather dependent – check here for final confirmation at midday on Tuesday 17th. All are suitable for children (if accompanied by an adult) unless otherwise stated. 

Confirmed so far:

Tuesday 17th

Bat detecting at the Dams

Bat detecting at Filey Dams (see map here). Join us and our expert friends from Wold Ecology as we search for different species of bats hunting around Filey Dams. Meet in the Dams car park at 2115hrs. 

Moth trapping at Filey Dams. Join our expert friends from Butterfly Conservation as they catch and identify as many species of moth at the light trap as they can! 2145hrs – 2345hrs. 

Storm-petrel ringing on Filey Brigg. Join the FBOG ringing team as they conduct Storm-petrel ringing after dark on the Brigg. Note that this event requires extra care – please see here for more details. Meet at the top car park in the Country park at 2130hrs sharp. 


Wednesday 18th

The Bioblitz Hub is open from midday to 1800hrs at the northern end of the Country Park (see marker on map below) …..

…. which will have all the information you need, including site maps, Bioblitz Bingo for kids, display items, ID books and charts, and our partners the lovely folk from North & East Yorkshire Ecological Data Centre feverishly recording and logging all our results as they come in! Never more than 20 minutes away, our team (look out for the high-vis vests!) will be in action across the above area all afternoon:-

Bird Ringing at the Bioblitz Hub
George and the Observatory’s crack ringing team will be catching and releasing birds throughout the afternoon, from 1300hrs to 1800hrs – and will be showing birds up-close in the hand at the Hub. Learn all about moult, migration, ringing, ageing and sexing – or just marvel at the intricate plumages of our local birds! 

The Shoreline and Intertidal Zone – The Brigg and Bay Corner
Sue will be on shoreline patrol – mostly out the Brigg no doubt! – searching the rockpools and exposed shore for as many species as she can find (and she’ll find a lot, believe us….) between 1315hrs and 1700hrs. She’ll be setting off from the Bioblitz Hub at 1300hrs – feel free to join her there or just head out and join her whenever you wish. (Note that tide tables should be consulted and we recommend being back on dry land three hours before high tide).  

Clifftop Grassland and Terrestrial Coastal Zone – Carr Naze and area
Dan will be patrolling the clifftops along Carr Naze (the ‘topping’ of the Brigg) in search of as many bugs, plants, flowers, butterflies and other species as he can find. He’ll be setting off from the Bioblitz Hub at 1400hrs – feel free to head out with him then or drop in and join him whenever you wish. He’ll be searching the area until at least 1700hrs. 

Seabird and Cetacean watching – Carr Naze watchpoints
Mark will be scanning the waves for seabirds (and maybe other marine animals) at several spots on Carr Naze from 1300hrs to 1600hrs – details to follow (check in at the hub), but bring your binoculars and telescopes and help him bump up our bioblitz list or just enjoy the birds and the view! 


For the story behind the Bioblitz and Chris’s national campaign, read on….

Chris Packham’s Bioblitz Campaign is coming to Filey on July 18th,
Highlighting the State of Our Nation’s Wildlife…..

TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham is coming to Filey Bird Observatory as part of the first independent audit of its kind in the UK involving Citizen Science. His goal is to highlight the extent to which the nation’s species are under threat.

On July 18th, he’ll be visiting Filey as one of a selection of national sites he’ll be stopping off as part of his UK Bioblitz – nature reserves are not enough! campaign

Chris’s UK Bioblitz – nature reserves are not enough! campaign has a serious purpose, as the results of the 2018 audit will be recorded to create a benchmark: this will help measure the rise and fall in numbers of different species at these special sites in the future.   

He’ll be starting off in the Scottish Highlands on July 14th and over the course of ten days he’ll weave his way across the UK, taking in Northern Ireland, Wales and parts of England along the route. All forms of life will be investigated in this snapshot of the country’s wildlife: from flies to fungi, mammals to moths and birds to butterflies. 

Copyright George Stoyle

At each site Chris and the UK Bioblitz team (which includes hundreds of experts, young conservationists and film makers and people from all backgrounds and abilities) will be helped by species specialists and enthusiastic amateurs to pinpoint the winners and losers in the battle for Britain’s countryside.  

Chris Packham comments:
‘I’m doing this because I want to highlight that the UK’s landscape is in big trouble. We should have a far greater expectation of having wildlife around us all of the time but sadly we find ourselves going to nature reserves.

The ultimate aim is to celebrate some conservation success stories, but also to flag up some of its failures.’  

Chris concludes:
‘We treat them like they’re museums and art galleries, we go there, we get fully satisfied there’s lots of life, but on the way home when we’re driving through the countryside there’s nothing left. Some parts of it are absolutely bereft, they’re deserts, and what we want to do is say to people ‘that’s not good enough’. We want wildlife everywhere; nature reserves are not enough.’

The campaign is also crowd-funding with all monies raised being distributed back into grass roots front-line conservation projects they’ve visited throughout the campaign, as well as The National Autistic Society.

For all enquiries, contact Mark at (changing -at- for @)

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