Thursday, January 31st, 2019

More of the same of late, with the Velvet Scoter, the Long-tailed Duck, at least one Great Northern Diver and three Common Scoters on the Brigg area (as well as large numbers of auks and gulls), whiles waders there have included up to 45 Purple Sandpipers, two Grey Plovers, the Knot and up to 25 Ringed Plovers. Red-throated Divers totalled 136 today (106 off the Gap, 30 in the northern bay), with three Woodcock also at the Gap. 

Dunlin, Purple Sandpiper and Sanderling, Brigg (Mark Pearson)

Scandinavian argentatus Herring Gulls have been particularly evident, with 12 in the pre-roost gathering at the Dams on 27 and eight there on 28th, with up to eight in the Brigg area. 

Sunday, January 27th, 2019

A Chiffchaff was the Gap today, while long-stayers include the Velvet Scoter, the Long-tailed Duck, up to two Great Northern Divers, and good numbers of Red-throated Divers in the Brigg / bay area. On 26th, 110 Pink-footed Geese went north up the coast, while a total of three Grey Wagtails were in the town area on 25th, when 34 Pink-feet were west of the Dams, 22 Teal were in the bay and a Woodcock was on Carr Naze. 

Great Northern Diver, Brigg (Mark Pearson)

A pair of Mute Swans, a pair of Shoveler, the Australasian x Common Shelduck (and both of the latter) and small numbers of Lapwing and Curlew have been at the Dams on most recent days. 

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Waxwing, Filey town (Mark Pearson)

Two very accommodating Waxwings were on the Wharfedale estate yesterday (23rd); otherwise, most notable records in recent days again refer to long-stayers, with the Velvet Scoter, two Common Scoters and up to two Great Northern Divers off the Brigg, the Mandarin at Primrose Valley, and pairs of Mute Swan and Shoveler (plus similar numbers of ducks, a few Lapwings and odd Redshanks) at the Dams.

Waxwing, Filey town (Mark Pearson)

Good numbers of Red-throated Divers have included 62 on 23rd (27 south and 35 present) at the Brigg and 23 off Hunmanby Gap on 21st, while 103 Fulmars were counted on the cliffs (with another 40 on the sea) on 23rd, while a Bar-tailed Godwit was with 38 Curlews on Gristhorpe reef. 

Mandarin, Primrose Valley (Mark Pearson)

Friday, January 18th, 2019

Mainly as you were locally over recent days, with most of the notable activity in the northern bay – up to three Great Northern Divers, the Long-tailed Duck, up to four Great Crested Grebes, up to 25 Red-throated Divers, a Velvet Scoter, three Common Scoters and good numbers of auks are present, with an immature Mute Swan yesterday and today.

Mute Swan, Dams (Mark Pearson)

Three Snow Buntings were on Carr Naze up to 16th at least, up to 25 Purple Sandpipers and 22 Ringed Plovers are on the Brigg, two Shelducks and the hybrid are still at the Dams, where a pair of Mute Swans are commuting to and from East Lea, the Mandarin and Kingfisher are still at Primrose Valley main lake. 

Monday, January 14th, 2019

Mandarin, Primrose Valley (Mark Pearson)

A Kingfisher and the Mandarin are at Primrose Valley, two Shelducks and the Australasian x common hybrid, plus 36 Wigeon, are at the Dams, at least three Snow Buntings are still on Carr Naze, 22 Ringed Plovers are among waders on the Brigg, and the Long-tailed Duck and a scattering of Razorbills and Red-throated Divers are in the bay. 

Saturday, January 12th, 2019

Most of the notable sightings from the last few days concern long-stayers, with three Great Northern Divers and the Long-tailed Duck in the northern bay and up to four Snow Buntings on Carr Naze, with the drake Mandarin still at Primrose Valley.

Yellowhammers, Country Park (Nigel Webster)

On the sea, a White-fronted Goose went south on 7th and a Med Gull on 8th, with three Slavonian Grebes reported off Primorose Valley on 9th (with one also in the bay today). Single figures of winter thrushes are scattered, and up to 25 Yellwhammers and two Corn Buntings in the country park araea.

Sunday, January 6th, 2019

Mostly as you were over recent days, with two Long-tailed Ducks (the long-stayer off the Brigg and a first-year male off Gristhorpe Bay), the Snow Buntings still on Carr Naze (up to five), 40 Pink-feet south and three Great Northern Divers still in the north of the bay today. A Blue Fulmar went south yesterday, while five Grey Partridge, two Golden Plovers and 32 Skylarks were at Gristhorpe Bay on 4th.  

Snow Bunting, Carr Naze (Mark Pearson)

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

First of all happy new year from Filey Bird Observatory & Group. Three Great Northern Divers were present off Carr Naze on 30th. 72 Yellowhammers and a Corn Bunting in the stubble west of Long Plantation were the highlight of 31st, in addition five Chiffchaffs were present at Reighton Sewage Works along with a Grey Wagtail and a Chiffchaff was at the dams, where the Goldeneye and Shoveler continue. More Chiffchaffs were once again recorded on 1st with two at the Dams and a single at Primrose Valley. Singles of Barnacle and White-Fronted Geese joined the Canada/Greylag flock at East Lea and a Long-Tailed Duck was off the Brigg. Four Great Northern Divers were in the bay today, additionally the three Snow Buntings continue on Carr Naze and the drake Mandarin continues at Primrose Valley. 

Curlew, Dams (Judith Henley)