Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

A fairly quiet end the the month, with winter geese once again providing the highlights. White-fronted Geese have again graced the area, with five around the Dams on 27th, while odd Pink-feet there were joined by a flock of 61 on 31st. Otherwise, the Dams continues to host three Shoveler, three Gadwall, up to 60 Wigeon, up to 13 Tufted Ducks, a Shelduck and up to 15 Snipe. A pair of Little Grebes are still on Primrose Valley fishing lake, and a Mealy Redpoll was with a flock of 15 Lessers at Hunmanby Gap on 29th. Two Great Northern Divers remain in the bay, and a Blue Fulmar went north on 26th. 

White-fronted Geese with the feral flock at East Lea (Mark Pearson)

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

A fairly quiet period in the area, although highlights have included: presumably the same flock of Russian White-fronted Geese in the East Lea area (still 19 on 17th, up to 26 on 22nd, 22 on 23rd), with 14 south on 19th; a flock of 25 redpolls, including two Mealies, at Hunmanby Gap (to 18th at least); a Blackcap in a local garden;

Blackcap (Ian Robinson)

two Mute Swans at various local wetlands; at the Dams, a female Pintail, up to two Shoveler, a male Pochard, two Water Rails, up to 85 Mallard and 90 Teal; a Waxwing in flight along the seafront on 21st; displaying little Grebes at Primrose Valley fishing lake, with small groups of Tufted Ducks there and at the Dams; a Short-eared Owl at the Tip on 19th; daily totals of Fieldfare often into three figures, with a peak of 350 on 18th; a Blue Fulmar south on 24; up to two Great Northern Divers still off the Brigg, bayside. 

Mistle Thrush (Ian Robinson)

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

White-fronted Geese at the Dams (Mark Pearson)

11th – A blue Fulmar north; at least two Great Northern Divers present by the Brigg throughout the period. 

12th – 20 Snipe at the Dams.

14th – a single White-fronted Goose with Canadas near the sports club; a single Waxwing west over the town.

15th – 19 White-fronted Geese and three Pink-feet at the Dams. 

16th – 19 White-fronted Geese and three Pink-feet at the Dams; also a Scandinavian Herring Gull and 15 Snipe there. 

White-fronted Geese at the Dams (Mark Pearson)

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

6th – a male Velvet Scoter went south and then north, a Manx Shearwater and a Blue Fulmar (among 650 Fulmars) did likewise, and the three Great Northern Divers remained in the Bay Corner.

7th – 30 Snow Buntings west along Carr Naze / North Cliff; three Mute Swans still at the Dams; a Woodcock in Parish Wood; Short-eared Owl and 13 Grey Partridges at the Tip; roost of 43 Magpies at the Dams.

8th –  four Waxwings on a local housing estate.  

9th – 32 Sanderlings on the beach at the Gap. 

10th – 21 Shags at a post-roost gathering by the Brigg.

Bullfinch at the Dams (Mark Pearson)

Friday, January 5th, 2018

5th – At Gristhorpe Bay, eight Snow Buntings, 92 Skylarks, three Stonechats, 158 Curlews on the reef. Also 42 Red-throated Divers, which in addition to a count of 178 from Filey Bay, equals 210 in total. A total of 470 Pink-feet north this morning over the area in five flocks, and a single still with ferals at the Dams, where there were two Scandinavian Herring Gulls, two Coot and a singing Goldcrest. Three Great Northern Divers remain on the bay side of the Brigg.

Stonechat Gristhorpe Bay (Mark Pearson)

4th – a Blue Fulmar on the seawatch.

3rd – 12 Scandinavian Herring Gulls at the Dams (plus three Shoveler, two Water Rails, a Chiffchaff and eight Tufted Ducks there), three Mute Swans over the town and at the Dams, 620 Herring Gulls in the bay roost. 

Curlews, Gristhorpe Reef (Mark Pearson)