A glorious morning found seven of us at Parish Wood and the Old Tip today (17th), armed with ladders, tools, bird boxes and refreshments.

Five new Tree Sparrow boxes went up in the trees and later, after coffee and posh biscuits, we moved on to the Tip where sites for the new Little Owl and Kestrel boxes were identified. Stout posts were prepared and holes dug ready for episode two of the epic trilogy: next Tuesday, 24th from 9.30am.

We should get both posts in the ground next week and erect the Little Owl box on one of them; someone (with a strong stomach) will clean out the existing Barn Owl box. The manufacturer of the Kestrel box is languishing in the Mediterranean so the finale  can wait.

These pictures were taken at random and are not intended to suggest that some worked harder than others!Going up at Parish Wood Seeing red at the Old Tip Team work Parish Wood