After years of volunteering at the Dams and East Lea we had earned a trip out and today was it, so, on Tuesday 10th February, five off us set off for Reighton to clear out a few ponds. Imagine our surprise when we got thrown out, well it wasn’t that bad, we can go back, just not today. Coffee, biscuits, and nowhere to go, back to Filey and out with the loppers!

We removed a few fallen willows which were leaning on the playground fence and lopped a few invasive whips which were threatening the reedbed, a thoroughly successful trip out. Will we ever get an Awayday? Well, it’s planned for Tuesday 17th February at the Old Tip, where we hope to erect a Little Owl box and a Kestrel box; meet there at 9.30am, Ian Robinson in charge.

These shots from today show a couple of old primates behind the reserve fence, a couple of old loppers, and a cat dishing out the biscuits. If all this sounds enticing, join us, there’s always something horrible to attempt.

A pair of PrimatesA nice set of loppersGiving out the biscuits