imageNothing stands still … in this most dynamic of habitats, so every so often we do the odd job, and try to slow down the inexorable transition from muddy wader scrape to mature woodland. We could just let it go but there would be fewer birds, no newts, dragonflies or Water Voles and the views from the hides would be short and dark. Silting up of the water course is part of the process and means we can’t control the depth of water (not a good thing). So that’s why we were in there up to our necks recently clearing a blocked drain and dropping in a new pipe.

We also took the opportunity of installing a new urinal which Nick is seen here checking out!  (Not really).



The reserve really is a tiny speck of land so whereas we try for a variety of habitats some are more appropriate than others; sandy heathland wouldn’t work and ancient woodland has clearly had it’s chance. So, it’s lakes, marshland, willow/alder carr, a few trees, hedges and, best of all, mud, lots of it!

If you’re feeling really left out and would like to join in contact Jack on 07870 341455, there is always something to tinker with.