This is how it should be done, courtesy of Stanley Spencer.

And this is how it was handled at Filey a couple of days ago as detailed by John Ives:
I visited East Lea in the late one afternoon and saw that one of the two swans on the pool appeared to have a damaged wing. After consultation with Jack, we decided to contact Yorkshire Swan Rescue ( www.ysrh.org.uk) who offered to help. They came on Wed,9th April and very professionally caught both swans. They started by trying to tempt the swans with bread who showed no interest and went to the far side of the pool. One of the team, Dan, donned his waders and waded through the pool and the rest of us kept pace on the shore so the swans moved towards the viewing screen. Eventually they had no where else to go so came ashore where the handlers caught them with their hooks and were able to secure them. It is thought the injured swan had a dislocated wing caused when fighting with a third swan. Both swans were secured in jackets and taken to the rescuers car to be transported to the Swan

hospital near Goole. As these are a bonded pair, both were removed to reduce their stress as they would pine for their mate.

If the injured swan makes a full recovery, both will be returned to East Lea. If not, they will be found a safe home in a sanctuary. Swan Rescue will keep us informed of their progress and we have chipped in towards the cost of the rescue.
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